Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Helping travel and tourism industry maximize their opportunities and sustain the long-term competitiveness with our travel application that will streamline your business, increase client engagement and perk up your marketing strategies. Being a travel app development company, we address the key challenges our clients are facing. We build applications that enhance business processes, allow achieving operational excellence, and increasing customer loyalty.

eBooking System

Our solution includes a cloud based eBooking and Ticketing system where the customer will get a tool to manage and automate the workflow and access its features and functionalities.

Camp & Program Management

We develop camp and program management system to manage e-bookings for camps, providing locations, pictures, videos and all detailed information online to client’s users. We also handle payments, schedule and back office systems for camp & program agencies.

Travel ERP Solution

To have better fleet management, budgeting, and invoicing, we provide you with custom travel solutions that will produce accurate insights for efficient forecasting.

Travel Booking Portal Solution

Vivan Web Solution builds travel management system to manage end-to-end travel business processes. We integrate online hotel and flight booking to your website with features of payment, scheduling, CRM, automation of the business process, and back-office systems. We also develop travel website templates for travel agencies to handle commission management, central booking management, appointment, with navigable UI and UX designs.

Vehicle Rental Booking

We are the app development company that has the skills to develop inter-city and inter-country connecting vehicle chains powered by the comfort of on-demand activities.

01. Travel Guide
02. Improved Flight System
03. B2C Booking System
04. Travel Mobile App
05. AI-Based e-Ticking System
06. Transportation Information App
07. Transaction Processing System
08. Virtual Tour Guide
09. Secure Payment Gateway Integration
10. Navigation System

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